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Palestine, Gaza


Web Development

Develop “BloomingGreens,” an online plants selling website.
This platform will feature a user-friendly interface for browsing, selecting, and ordering plants. It will include key pages like “About Us,” “FAQ,” “Sign Up,” “Log In,” “Contact Us,” detailed product pages, and a seamless ordering process.

Home Page: Showcase featured plants and categories.
Product Pages: Detailed descriptions, images, pricing, and reviews.
Ordering Process: Streamlined checkout and secure payments.
User Accounts: Sign up, log in, and profile management.
About Us: Company mission, history, and values.
FAQ: Commonly asked questions answered.
Contact Us: Communication options for user inquiries.
Responsive Design: Optimal experience on all devices.
Search and Filters: Easy plant discovery based on categories.
Secure Payment: Integration of safe payment gateways.
Order Tracking: Users can monitor delivery status.

Outcome: BloomingGreens becomes a one-stop platform for plant enthusiasts, offering easy exploration, information, and secure purchases.
The website’s intuitive design and informative content enhance user satisfaction and encourage return visits.

Duration: 25 days, Published: 24-6-2023.
Team: Abdulrahman Aljazzar
                Mohanad Alsaadawi
                Mohamed Ajuor
Tech: React.js , Asp.Net, Figma.

We’re excited to deliver an immersive online plants store that connects users with the beauty of nature.